About the Artist, Elizabeth Greig

A fifth-generation Californian, I was raised on stories of the old west and the western wilderness: rocky coastline, alpine lakes and blooming deserts. The flavor of these stories runs as a undercurrent throughout my work today. In my other work, I explore the relationship between human and nature. Pet portraiture is a natural extension of that theme.

I love painting pets in particular. There is so much personality and vitality in every animal... not only in their faces, but also in the way they move their bodies. When I sit down to paint a pet portrait, I'm aiming to capture the vitality I see in the wag of a tail or the light step of a paw pad.

Education, Honors, Awards

I completed a BA in Studio Art at Azusa Pacific University in 1996. Since they I have worked as an art teacher, portrait artist, illustrator and graphic designer.

My paintings recently took 1st and 5th place in the Adah Callahan Memorial Professional Art Show at the Ventura County Fair and my work was featured in the VC Reporter's Illustrator Showcase Showdown.

Dog Painting of a Collie Dog Painting of a Jack Russel Terrier Dog Painting of a Bulldog Dog Painting of a German Shepherd Dog Painting of two Shih Tzus